Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vinyl Cricket Fake Windows !!

The basement is the girls Playroom/our craft room for the most part. So recently I panted the walls white and that made it so much better but then we were left with HUGE REALLY WHITE walls. So my mom came up with this idea in there "house" area. They are above the kitchen and are windows looking out from inside there house! Its not done yet but almost and it turned out really cute!! Lilly loooooves it! My mom just used her cricket and vinyl ! It was a little tricky to get it all on straight but the more you get on the easier it is to move later, it makes it thicker and not as flimsy.


  1. OMGosh - these are TOO cute! I love this idea. I don't have a cricket, but I think I might paint a scene/window and add curtains in my littlest one's room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Loved it so much I included it here: