Monday, April 30, 2012

Treasure Hunting

This is from a couple weeks ago, I Found a little wagon for Raley perfect for pulling Lalaloopsy. Someone was wanting to help me with taking my pictures, little cutie!! A blanket that is going to look great in my bedroom, Right before I found this my bedroom was painted the light grey like in the blanket! A Ohio Blue Tips match box, love the illustrations! A "My Little Red Story Book" by Ginn Basic Reader which I find really neat because it was published in 1948 and that was before the Brown vs. Board of Education and even before Ruby Bridges. In the book it shows African American and white Children playing together in the same social aspect. I also got Cardboard wall hangings that I was going to put in my girls bedroom but since I have snagged these I changed my mind so they will go in my Etsy shop along with some other items like the match box.

Also I have a post on what we did for earth day later today that I have been working on

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Treasure Hunting

Say hello to my little friends...

 I went to the  Antique mall garden show and checked out some of my other favorit shops the other day. I got these little fellows to decorate the outside of the girls playhouse, Iam in love with the guy that is sprawled out he is too cute! Granny Square Blanket, Enamel, Little ducks and the original FP record player. Some will go in the Etsy Shop!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Easter

Here a few pics from our Easter! These pictures are of the girls playing with some of their presents the Easter bunny gave them, Egg Hunting and jumping with Uncle Jason on the Trampoline! We always go over to my sisters and Egg hunt and have breakfast and hang out as a family for Easter, it always lots of fun! Something we do is stick the eggs and baskets outside the night before so the bunny can have them and fill them (of course the eggs do not stay out there I go and get them after the girls are fast asleep!)

Easter Decorations

Whoooa I was looking threw my post's and saw that I have not posted Easter!! Argh! Well here it is... in two short post's..

A few of the Easter Decorations we have! The egg tree we have decorated in the front yard since I was a little girl and I would decorate it with my mom! Before I moved back home I would decorate the bushes in front of our house. One year some boys keep stealing all my eggs of my bushes... Once they got chased down that was the end of that! Ha! Steal MY eggs... The glitter houses that I totally forgot I made! I also bought those little trees in the dollhouse section at hobby lobby and stuck them in straight bleach and then hot glued eggs that I glittered on them...Man, I was on a glitter house streak last year... Ohhh my little family of vintage rabbits are they not the cutest? Love them! I also found two more at a estate sale a while back that goes with them. I also have Easter baskets that we have acquired over the years full of playable Easter items. The little gingham ones my grandma made. A basket of bunny's, the Ribbon eggs in Raley's Easter basket, and other eggs that Lilly could not keep her hands off of. The miniature egg tree that sits on the kitchen table with wooden figures my mother and I have decorated together since I was a tiny girl also and it is so fun to decorate it with the girls!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

For The Birds

We made this for the birds the other day. We have had so many birds in the backyard,  especially robins trying to make nest's. I had intended to make this for the first day of spring but my mom came down with a nasty virtago virus and we all focused on taking care of her. So last week we got around to getting it together. Lilly and Raley cut all the yarn and then we hung it next to their playhouse! We hope to see lots of colorful nest around! Next year and many more after we will do this on the first day of spring!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Activitys

Here is a few pics from some of the Easter fun we had!
Picture 1: Eggs I made for Lilly hunt with when she was a baby before she Easter egg hunt and my basket from when I was a little girl that is now Raleys's
Picture 2: The girls wore these Easter Bunny masks and played "Easter Bunny with the eggs in the pic above and had egg hunts all over the yard and in the house
Picture 3&4: Tea Cups made from plastic eggs (we have a tea party every Easter) and Cookies for a Easter Tea Party with friends
Picture 5&6: "Egging" our friends! Lilly always has a blast doing this and Raley really loved it this year! We leave a dozen eggs hidden in the yards with  a note saying "You have been Egged" and we hid and watch them run around a find them!
Picture 7: Peep Jewelry! I gave Lilly a giant embroidery needle and elastic and she threaded them together!
Picture 8: Puppets I made for a Easter Puppet show

Thursday, April 12, 2012


My sister and I are making Spoooons! She has been gathering spoons at Estate Sales we go too and we have been banging away! They will be for sale at the farmers market we are doing! Two things I have learned doing these, Sterling Silver are the best because the they are softer and this automatic hammer makes it go by soooo much faster (That's the thing laying to the left of the spoon in the top pic)
Ps, I have so much to share about Easter it is just taking awhile to edit pics yada yada

Friday, April 6, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Picture 1&2: Spent a lot of time here in the greenhouse, Transplanting
Picture 3-5 Driveway and seedlings
Picture 4- Swiss Chard, Romanesco Italia Broccoli, 3 types of lettuce, Purple Cauliflower
Picture 5- New Favorite Yogurt thanks too