Friday, April 29, 2011

Spray Painted Chairs!!

Last week I helped my sister move my parents old patio set over to her house. This is what happened!! Everything was ALL black.

They turned out neat if you ask me!!!! She said it took a can of spray paint a chair.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Earth Day:
Lilly made earth cupcakes all by herself with a little help from me (oven)! Don't forget the sour cream it always makes them better!! We were going to go for a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash buuut it was poring down rain :(
But luck has it we did get these guys in the mail!! Yeah!!!

Bummed She cant get them out to play with

She loves them again, I reminded her they were going to turn into Butterflies!!

But I will tell you I am a little ticked. I bought these for $19.95 +$5 for 5 caterpillars. Or I could have bought these for $19.95 and got 10 caterpillars and stickers and charts had I bought them on TV. So by them on TV if your going to do to them !!! I always want a better deal.

We did these to kick off our "Garden" theme this week Yesterday!!

They were only a buck a piece at walmart for the mini green houses and the egg she got in her Easter basket !! The mini green houses are tomato and eggplant and she did them all by herself!! The egg is impatiens and she got a liiiiittle carried away and cracked her egg in half , see the tape (Your supposed to crack it and then pull the to off)!! We are going to plant our veggies this week in the raised garden beds and make our compost bins and do tons of other garden crafts and fun things ending the week painting a garden pot and then eating "Dirt" out of it ( ores, gummy worms, and ice cream)!!

Eggs were hunted

Stories were read

Tea Parties were had, cupcakes were eaten and bonnets were worn.

                        All in all, a couple of very blessed days!! I love my babies!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Skateboard Redo

Ok so call it what you want, mid life crises? But I have taken up skateboarding. Nothing big. I just figured this summer the girls are going to want to play in the drive way alot and It would give me something to do! I really want a pair of old school roller skates too!!! So I bought this skateboard at walmart for $9.00 but it had ugly skulls or something all over it, I couldnt even tell what it was. So I sanded it down then used warm water and a rag to clean the dust off . I then took plastic grocery sacks and cover the wheels and spray painted the back side of the skateboard turquoise!! It took two coats. When it was dry I brought it in and placed my doilies how I wanted them and modge podge under them, let it dry before you do the top of the doilies! I painted the sides of the skateboard a coral color. Then I modge podge all over the entire painted/doily area including sides. I did two good coats of modge podge with drying time in between. After it was all dry I went back and dabbed modge podge on the areas where I felt the doilies need it. When the modge podge was all dry I took a weather proof sealer and spray painted the bottom. If I were to do again I would buy the skateboard at target they have one for the same price but the top is clear and natural looking as mine is the black top and the bottom is unfinished so you would not have to sand it!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter !! Here comes Peter CottenTail...

Anyone else have that blasted song stuck in there head?? Every time Lilly See's a rabbit she has me sing that song, She thinks its luring the Easter bunny over! Funny kid!! I am making a countdown calendar today.. that starts today! Yep I am late. I have pulled the muscles in my neck holding both kids so much. So its been killing me all week and I have been able to do Aaaanything,or at least it feels that way. I cant turn my head unless I turn my whole body so I look like a dog chasing its tail. I look Reeeeeally cool.
So here are my Glitter houses that I made and Lilly loves!!

The little trees I bought at Hobby Lobby in the Dollhouse section for I think $1.99 and then just stuck them upside down so the wood stand was sticking out in a cup of straight bleach for maybe 10 mins and then rinsed with water. When they were dry I hot glued the eggs into the trees. To make everything sugared looking I just used Modge Podge and Glitter!

For our Countdown Calender one of our activities was to "Egg" our friends houses!! So while all the girls (Grace, Variety-sisters, Jillian, Addison-sisters) were in school we snuck into there yards and hid a dozen eggs filled with candies !! Lilly had a blast filling the eggs and sneaking around hiding all of them in the backyards(so we could watch them find them from our kitchen!!) I was thinking about it after we did it and really when do the kids get to fill the eggs, never because the Easter bunny does it!! So it really is a fun activity to do and would definitely recommend it!! This is a pic watching the girls finding there eggs as Lilly watches!!

Last night I got the Plastic eggs all filled and Raley helped me! Tonight my niece and nephew are coming over to dye Eggs so that will be fun!!  But today Lilly and I are going to make "Earth" cupcakes for earth day and we were going to go on a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash but its raining cats and dogs here today :( But the Easter activity that she picked out was to make "Peeps" anything involving marshmallows and sprinkles is right up Lillys ally!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remy Pictures.

I might just be partial, But hes the coolest of the cool. Remington Blue that's who!! Hes my dog and probably the smartest most wonderful dog I will ever own. Its true. Hes a snuggle bunny, kid lover, over protective lab and I love him!! See that play set to the left of him, he will race kids to it and then shove them out of the way because he wants to be up first.!!The more kids the better to him! If you have a pile of leaves look out because he will destroy it it! He hogs the bean bag. Lets Lilly dress him up and put makeup on him! He eats snowballs when you throw them at him, and bubbles when you blow them. He barks when I ask him "Do you think I am pretty?!" (yes I am that vain) and recently I taught him to poop in a corner!! Ha! sure beats stepping poo when your running around the yard. Oh and hes got a sweet tooth for "Puppy whip" when we go threw Starbucks. Hes a looker too and I tell him how pretty he is every day! Yeah, you cant beat him even if you tried.

 He is really eyeing that popcorn, but he sure loves his girls! We love him!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Greenhouse Update!

My sister has been working on her Greenhouse! Her latest addition to the house is
this cool doorknob! Doesn't remind you of the doorknob from "Alice and Wonderland"!!!

She painted the inside of it light Turquoise!! I think its looking really cool!!! She also has 3 bee hives next to her greenhouse, pretty cool!! 

She has also made these cool flower hanging colander holders! Is that even what you would call it?IDK, but they are cool!!

I went over to my sisters today to help her move some patio furniture from our parents house and the greenhouse is amazing!!  She bought these vintage glass cubes to stack in the windows next to the door, you can see the skinny long rectangle next to the door on the right side. But until she gets the glass cubes in her pup Mac is using it as his door! When I was over at Malia's house (that's my sister) we walked over to see her bee's and they are neat buuuuut I do not think I will be getting any, any time soon. I think I will just visit them.... from across the yard! Ha! They still give me the hebegebes!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hey, that's one Sweet Green House!

This is the Green House my Sister Malia and Brother in law Jason are building! Its pretty sweet, Right?! It is being built from salvaged windows! I will go into this more in the next day or so, I just had to put this up though!!

Raised Garden Beds!! And Polor Bears?!!

Heeeey I am soooo super excited!! I have TWO followers!!! I can not BELIVE IT!! I really am this excited, if I did not have two sleeping babies right now I would probably scream!!K. So these were super easy to make! I bought fencing post at Lowe's for $1.09 each and I used three peices of fenceing per side.So it takes 12 fence piece for one 6ft x 6ft Garden bed. For the inside support post I used scrap from down in the workshop and what I used were 2x4. So for all the wood for these bed it only cost me a little over $13.00!!! Can you beat that!!? Also really quick, when you make these beds if your going to use them to grow vegetables like I am then you want to make sure you get UNTREATED wood. You do not want the chemicals in the soil and thus in your veggies. Boooo to toxic veggies. So  the wood fencing I used was untreated CEADER. Cedar is also  naturally resistant to mold. Plus it looking good !Now for the wood on the inside of the bed sides, I put four  post . Two of the four sides I put the outer two  inside posts two inches in so everything would fit nicely together. You can also uses 4x4's for your inside corner post and then you would not have to measure the corners and you would only need four corner post instead of  8- 2x4's but what I had was 2x4's for free so that is how I did it!

I made two of each, two with the outer post two inches in and two with the outer post on the edge. The inside post I put at 19" apart. Then to make the next side i just lined up the board on the ground next to it like in the picture above and then laid the cedars on top and screwed in two screws per board. In the pic below I said" Nails"... But I meant screws. So use screws Not Nails. I had a baby crawling on me and trying to hustle while Lillys is at school!

Then I took all of the sides out in the yard and and put the sides together. See how the sides with the post 2" in are facing each other and same with the side's that have posts on the edge. I am sure I am waaaay over explain it. Then to hold it all together I held the tops of the two boards even and  put the screws in on the sides where I measured in 2" for the posts so that the screws would go directly into the 2x4 that was not attached to the board. Yep I am reeeeeally bad at explain things.. I have not leveled the ground under neath it

Sooo On a cool pic note! We went to the zoo to see the polar bear!! He was so cool!! I don't know why but he was not as big as I expected buuuut I was kind of expecting him to be the size of .... I don't know maybe a elephant minus the ears.. But he keep doing this thing where he would get up on his "Ice" and dive off into the water to the bottom of the tank and push off with his feet and and kind of flip over on his back and push off the window where Lilly was standing with his hind feet !! It was really cool and kind of sad ( I say sad because it was so repetitive that it was kind of a boredom buster for him..) but definitely cool!! They also had these big keg type things in the water and he would jump off his "Ice" straight up in the air and belly flop on the kegs!! He was definitely cool and its crazy to think how close Lilly's face is to this bear, I mean only a couple of inches!!

Heres to you Nikita. For Keeping it Real.
I guess you are Kind of big ;)