Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flower Mobile

So I made this for Raley when we first moved back in with my Parents like a year ago. I saw one like it in Pottery Barn Kids and It was so pretty! But I never took and Pictures of me making it. Its not hard, at all. Just get ready to burn the tips of your fingers a lot!

What I did was buy the flowers at Michael's and popped them off the steam, then hot glued the flower on all  over! I used clear thread to hang the birds and attached the clear thread with a tiny nails, on in the wreath then one in the bird, and hot glue so it would not come out.

I am working on a post of my sisters green house that she is building from windows  its killer, she and her husband made it from Glass window they bought! Also I am making raised garden beds I have one done and the second almost done! Along with my trying new things idea I thought I would try skateboarding, yep. Give me something to do this summer while the Girls play in the driveway. But the skateboard is super ugly so I am going to jazz it up , it will be turquoise with doilies!!

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  1. That is soo cute! I am definitely going to do that for my new little girl coming in July! :)