Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Homemade Chalk!

We used a recipe I found on Pinterest. The only thing I would say is that it was hard to get the chalk into the Toilet Paper rolls, maybe if it was runnier it would be easier mostly because the Wax paper kept falling in. The plaster of paris firms up fast, really fast. Maybe if it was more runny it would not firm up as fast and be easier for the kids to do. So basically I would add a little more water then what the tub of plaster of paris says. I got mine at Michael's  with a 40% off coupon and it was under $5, with plenty to spare.

Here is the site that I got the recipe from please go there!


Look at this little gem I found! He was maybe two weeks old here. He always sleeps on my feet, still does! Its really cute, buuuut kind of anoying when I need to move so I try and strrrreach to get things so i dont have to move and wake him, but it never works.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Garden Update!

Amethyst Basil

Lemon Basil
Sweet Basil
Rosemary and Sage
Juliett Tomatos 

Costoluto Genovese Tomato

Russian Herliom

Rouge Vif' D Etampes

Jack Be Little Pumpkins

Russian, Brandywine, Cherokee Purple Tomatos, Lots of Rouge Vif' D Etampes Pumpkins, Jack Be Little Pumpkin, Black Beauty & Oriental Eggplant, Nasturtium.

Costoluto Genovese Tomato, Juliet Tomatos, Sweet/Amethyst/Lemon Basil, Sage, Rosemary, Jelly gourd, Mini Sweet Peppers, there was Thai Basil but I ripped it out.. It smelled like Black Licorice. Yack! 

Luffa Gourd, yes the sponge and no Luffa does not grow on the bottom of the ocean.

Mr. Hamilton. ( He has gotten alot bigger since I took these pictures... I miss him this little!!)

Morning Glory Tunnel

Strawberries ( They do not do much the first year and it is best to pick the berries off so you have a better harvest the following year, so I left it open and let the birds have there way with it)

Sweet Potatoes I planted 5 slips( Mr. Nye gave me a old Whiskey Barrel to grow them in!! I think it is so cool!)

If I mentioned a plant but did not show a picture of it, it is because their is not much to mention besides its more then likely a large green leafy plant! I will post more pics when it actually does something!

Also I do not have my Sunflower fort Iam growing for the girls in this... You can see a little bit of it in the picture above when they are running at me with Hamilton its in the top left of the pic.

These are the beds I made last year, they are still as perfect as the previous year except now they have the pretty aged look cedar gets!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just saying Howdy

Anyone else melting in this heat!? I took this of Birdie and me right after I ran in from mowing the lawn...in 105 degrees! Crazy. Right now as I am putting this up I am working on 5 blog post and Lilly's Birthday is in one of them! Summer is always crazy to blog during because we are never ever inside. Ever. We wake up grab the duck and head outside. Stay up catching Lightning bugs with all the kids and come in and crash. Hope everyone is staying cool!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Picture 1: My backyard pretty much everyday. Lots of kids!
Picture 2&3: Birdie soaking up the sun
Picture 4&5: Blueberry Picking
Picture 6: The Bees
Picture 7&8: Tadpole Hunt
Picture 9: At my sisters jumping
Picture 10: Took a bunch of kids fishing.. We caught a turtle. Took him to the Vet to dehook him and released him.
Picture 11: Our Amazing Homemade Slip N slide
Picture 12&13: Summer Reading & teaching Lilly to read
Picture 14: Ritual, Farmers Market