Friday, August 31, 2012

Bike Wash

Made this the other day for the girls and they LOVE it! I cost maybe..$3.00? I used 3/4inch PVC, Two elbows, and 2 "T's". I drilled the holes along the top pipe (Little tip, when you are drilling on the pipe put the "T's" on both ends so it will lay flat, otherwise you have to hold the pipe really tight...its just easier, trust me) then I duck taped everything together.. well because Raley is wild and I figured it would come down the first time she swung herself around it. Also I forgot to get end caps... just didn't think about it.. so I used duck tape for that also. Worked like a charm! They have loved it, even Hamilton the Duck has gone threw it! We made this during our Ocean/Water week. I will put up everything that I do with them for Homeschooling, It just takes awhile to get it all together I have probably 8 or 9..maybe more, units that we have done over the summer! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY Giant Outdoor Building Blocks

Made these for the girls to play with outside! Cut the wood different sizes, painted and sealed them. They have had a blast with them!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pretty Pictures Rainbow & White

Iam not going to lie, my favorite colors are sparkle and pink. If you dont think sparkle is a color ask my 5 year old, she has my back.
But I loooove Rainbow with white. 

amazing. how long did this take?!
now that looks fun to sit in!
Crochet Granny Square Chair
I love these!! I wish I had these skills!
crochet pillow
Love of color

I could sit in that swing ALLLL day.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pinterest Recipe

I made this recipe from Pinterest. I can not tell you how GOOD it is!! Try it!! I made it with Fresh Sweet Potato frys I cut up.

Here is the link to the recipe! Go get it asap!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Two girls a dog and a duck.

These pictures were from a month or so ago. I just have not had time to get a lot of post done!! With summer getting wrapped  up and school starting soon and doing our Homeschooling its just been super busy!!

Remy could care less if Hamilton is in the pool he will hoop in and splash around... Hamilton does not find it funny.

Remy is the best dog. BEST! Everyone ask what the "Duck Dog" thinks of the duck and does he try to eat him. No He has never tried to eat him. Not once. In fact quite the opposite,You can see in one of the pictures where Hamilton walks up and starts preening on Remy and it kind of weirds Remy out! Now that Hamilton has gotten Full grown, He is about 15 weeks. He chases both dogs around, just like he is one of them. Funny Bird!

Here are some pictures of my loves, this was a day during our Ocean/ Water unit. The bottom pictures are of Raley collecting acorns and Sir Hamilton came over to see what she was doing ( He is so nosey!) and then they were off to collect more with Hamilton squawking the whole way!

Lillys 5th Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!!

For Lilly's 5th Birthday she wanted Lalaloopsy theme!! Iam not going to lie at first I did not like these dolls. At all. I thought they were REALLY freaky looking. But every time we went to Target or Walmart I past them and... well I guess they grew on me. I even had Lilly on the " Eww Lalaloopsy are  freaky looking train" but I eventually bought one for Raleys Easter basket, and that was the beggining to the end. I love these dolls!! I love playing with the girls with them, and I love the fact that they each have their own "personality" and they were "sewn together"! So when Lilly said she wanted to have a Lalaloopsy Birthday Party, I was excited!! 

Since there are no Lalaloopsy birthday party supplies out there. So I made most of her party supplies! We had a lady on etsy make the birthday invitations with Lillys four favorite dolls. Flower pot, Prairie Dusty Trails, Coral Shell,  Crumb. What we decided to do was instead of just an all around Lalaloopsy theme we did a theme for each doll! For Flower Pot I got flower pots and primed them and then we had a table set up in the colors for Flower Pot with all the painting supplies so the kids could paint there flower pots. Then we had Morning Glories that Lilly grew from seed for the kids to plant in their pots once they dried ( This was the first activity we did so they had time to dry). For Sugar Crumb we had a Tea Party at the table above! For the table cloth I bought yellow gingham fabric and sewed white pompoms on the fabric and put a pink table cloth underneath so it would look like Sugar Crumbs dress! For the button bunting I cut out from felt and hot glued them onto black ribbon I had then used puff paint to paint the X's onto the felt. I could not find button plates so I made some for the Tea Party. I used the plastic lanyard that you make bracelets from, then I poked four holes in the plates and threaded the lanyard thew and taped it to the back to create the button look! I made lots of Button themed Tea Party treats! I make Birthday Party mix, Dot cookies, Dot candies, As for Table decoration I used vintage wood thread spool that I have and put yarn to match the colors of all the dolls and sprinkled buttons around the center of the table. For Prairie Dusty Trails we had a pin the star on Prairie Dusty Trails. I reeeeally wanted to see If my friend would haul one of her pony's over for pony rides... but thought I was getting a little overboard with that! Plus I wanted to save that idea for if or I should say when we have a horse party! For Coral Shells we were going to play in the pool I had set up but the kids got so into the other activity's we ran out of time!! 

Her cake I made from scratch, She wanted Strawberry for the inside white icing on the outside with buttons (in case you are not familiar with Lalaloopsy buttons are a big thing with them). The only thing that happened with the cake was this, like I said I made it from scratch so I used real strawberry's blended into the cake batter so I guess after it baked and everything.. it turned more of a... meat color. yes meat. So I brought the cake out and everyone Ohhhh and Ahhhh over how pretty it was and one of the kids asked what flavour it was riiiight when I was cutting into it and scooping it out. So the conversation played out like this Kid- "What kind of cake is inside?!?!!! a bunch of other kids- "Ohhhh yeah whats inside!!?" Me- "It is a....( Cutting and getting ready to serve as I say it for dramatic appearance) Then I proudly show my slice of cake as another kid cuts off my "a..." and says "Meat Cake?????, is that Bologna??" and it spreads like wildfire, "What, I don't want a meat cake?! Mom, is this meat?!" Ewwww Iam not eating that!!" etc. you get the idea. I had to convince a few that it was good with a bite and tummy rub jester but they all ate it and had seconds! Iam not going to lie, it tasted unbelievably good, but looked kind of nasty on the inside. Ehhh Lilly was happy and the cake was dubbed the "meat cake" for several days as kids came by to play and asked if we had anymore "meat cake". So I do not think I will be making strawberry cake for awhile. There is a picture of the Dot cookies I made for the Tea party part, unfortunately I did not get many pictures of the Tea party part My parents were out of town in Jerusalem on the Holy Land Tour so I did not have a camera man handy!!

The other pictures are of riding her new bike. The thing with the bike, if you notice it does not have training wheels or peddles on it. I had Jason finish putting the bike together and asked him not to put the peddles and training wheels on it so it made it a balance bike. That way she can learn to ride it with out training wheels. I would not take that long except it was such a terribly hot summer that if the kids were outside they wanted to be in the pool. So now that it has cooled off we are going to have a go at it again!  

I am going to have another post on the stuff that I made.