Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shhhh a Leprechaun came!!!

Ok, ok so I'm a big, huge fat lier... Do I feel bad? No not really! Why? Because Now Lilly eats all her green!! What the heck am I talking about? Well so I made Lilly a bagel with chive cream cheese and as soon as I pushed her plate to her she so nicely pushed it back and said "No Thank you, Me no like the green stuff".... well crap I thought. Sooo I told her "Sure you do!! Its shamrock!!","If you eat enough of it then MAYBE a leprechaun will come and .... "YESSSS??? will he bring me a present?!!  Lilly said". Let me say that My mother ALWAYS made any holiday amazing for me when I was younger and I remember it so fondly and want the same holiday fun for my daughters so pleeeease don't think poorly of me for lieing my booty off its all in good fun!!
Sheez, so I bought two packs of the plastic gold coins at Michaels and then scattered them in the front lawn! I wanted little black cauldrons but I couldn't find any so I used the princess buckets that I bought a long time ago for a buck a piece and stored away. Lucky for me she is still young enough that she doesn't realize that leprechauns do not carry around princess buckets, Umm or that they are not real!! Lil and Ray had a blast it was like hunting for Easter eggs but with gold coins!!! I told Lilly that before she goes to bed she has to stick her and Raleys buckets with gold coins inside back out on the front porch so the leprechaun can have his money back and if you eat enough shamrocks then he will hid them again ! I have done this a couple more times since and on St.Patrick's day I plan to use the gold covered chocolate ones and let them keep there buckets! I did not start off with the chocolate ones because I did not want it to be about the candy but the fun of find the coins! 

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