Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sticker Board

I made these when Lilly was sick awhile ago to give her something to do besides watching movies. It was super easy I just riped up really stiff cardboard from shipping boxes to get a 5x11 piece of board then covered it in freezer paper wax side out. I used this teal duck tape to hold it all together! Duck tape was the only tape I could get to stick to the wax side of the paper. I had these huge sticker books from Mellisa and Doug that I got super cheap at a carters outlet!! Most of the sticker's were reusable unless she stuck the sticker to each other! They will be great in the Car, or make the boards smaller and use them at a restaurant!! I saw this post on this Blog that I lerk ;), I LOOOOVE this blog!! She is awesome, some of the things she says I feel so relived because I feel the EXCATE SAME WAY. You really get a feel for who she is threw her blog! Anyways back to the sticker board, She does a sticker book made with a old board book and had I not been super lazy at the moment I would have made one but a newish baby and a sick toddler takes its toll on you!

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