Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Past Week!

Every Sunday I am going to do a post of pictures of our week! Mostly because it is nice to reflect about the week that has pasted and for family to see that live out of town.. This one is a Little late but it was a great week!! The girls and I had a blast!! We had Gardening classes, Picked blueberry's, went to the buffalo farm and bought some meat, played with horses, went swimming, went to my sisters greenhouse/bee's/new puppy party, played with "J and A's" new puppy, played lots of games and did lots of art projects and played ALOT with friends! Here are some of the pictures!

 Lilly at her Gardening class

New Puppy

Picking Blueberrys

We arrived at the Berry Patch to late in the day most of the good berrys were gone.  Next week!

Bufflo Farm

Me and Ray. Lilly was running threw the sprinkler and Raley got scared and ran to sit in my lap and watch. She would not take her eyes off of those sprinklers it was so cute!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lillys 4th Birthday Party !!

This is the table where the kids painted the "Fairy Houses". I flipped two flower pots upside down and used wood from the workshop for the top. I have all the "Fairy Houses" set out for when the kids arrived! I was wanting to use big tree stumps the size of the pots in the pic but I could not find ANY at all. All the stumps on craigslist were rotten or you needed a chainsaw to cut them apart, and I have not learned how to use a chainsaw yet...

These are the Fairy Houses the Lilly and I painted! I put them in the middle of the table for inspiration for the girls to get started!

Concentrating on Painting her Fairy House

 Ray Painting her fairy house

They had a great time!

This was my FIRST cake that I have made from scratch! I was excited with how it turned out! I made all the flowers with gum paste! I had a fairy standing out of the middle of the cake ( it was removed in this pic) and I wanted the flowers to look like they were falling down the side of the cake and sparkler candles!!! The inside of the cake I made in layers of pink, It would have had another layer of pink but it stuck to the pan. Bummer. Lilly was really excited when she finally saw her cake because she had not seen it before I brought it out! I made it in secret! She especially loved the inside!! I also made the icing from scratch! It was so good!! The layers of cake are not the same size I just eyeballed it and tried to hurry I had limited time without Lilly seeing it.

We had pink lemonade to drink! For snacks we had Cupcake Kabbobs ( Cupcakes with icing, Marshmellows, Waffle cookies ) All kinds of yummy cookie!

Our Super Slip in Slide with my Brother in law Jason!

Lilly and Mason (my newphew) playing in the sprinklers 

Lilly loved her Birthday ! She is STILL telling me she is the Birthday girl and its halfway threw june. All the kids had a Blast, the party was supposed be from 1:00-3:00pm but did not end untill 6:pm!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope everyone is having a Great Fathers Day!!!

The girls and I are off to Lowes and then to work in the garden, its Booming!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Jar!

I made one of these last summer for Lilly but I did not have a lot of ideas for it or least it felt that way halfway threw the summer! When she wakes up each day she picks one out, then Iam going to keep the card she picked out for a week or two so we don't have repeats to close together!

World’s Best Bubbles
Lava Lamp
Go Fishing
Worm Hunt
Make or Find a Snow Cone
Make Popsicles
Make Play doe
Make Goop
Make Slim
Make Bath Paints
Make Bath Crayons
Make sponge Balls and get out pool
Make Sidewalk Paint
Make Colored Ice cubes for a Bath or Pool
Ice cube slide race
Go on a Flower Hunt
Bubble Snakes
Go on a Hike
Have a Picnic
Feed the Ducks
Catch Firefly’s
Bike Wash
Make Puffy Paint
Miniature Golfing
Tie Dyeing
Water Balloon Fight
Treasure hunt in Creek

Make G.A.K

I linked how to get the instructions for everything that I could.

World’s Best Bubbles:


Slim and GAK:

Spong Balls:


Puffy Paint:

Bath Paints: Two kinds one liquid and one with shaving cream. 1:

I printed out the Activities and then backed them to card stock! For the Bucket I bought it at Joann's for $1.99 and used vinyl and the cricut! Side note see that Jar with rocks in it to the right? Those rocks Lilly picked up on the preschool playground everyday and would bring them to me when I picked her up. She was always so excited to show me her rocks that she collected for me, so I put them in that Large Jar to keep!! She so cute!! We have had a blast doing these so far!! I hope it gives you good some good ideas!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Toadstools !!

So for the Toadstools I used the left over particle board from making the bottom to  Lilly's and Raley's Playhouse. Then I went to Lowe's were they had these table legs on clearance for .30 cents!! Yeah!! I then took a cake pan that was the size that I wanted for the seats and traced around it to make 10 seats bottoms. Then my dad came home and things got crazy. I need his help cutting the wood because I had no idea how I was going to. But I knew it could be done since the man owns like 5 of every of saw... So I showed him how I drew the circle out of the wood so nicely and he mumbled something about it "taking up the WHOLE garage and my mom couldn't park her car"..yada yada yada and I jumped in my car yelled "Wait for me before you cut ANYTHING dad" he purred "Ohhh sure" and off to Starbucks I went. Probably all of 13 mins later I was back..and  could not find him. So down to the shop I go, and threw open the door and I found him. Sanding the last of my nicely cut circles. He smiled and said "It's all done so since I did that you can take out the trash over there. Whelp. Normally I would have looooved him doing this for me BUT I reeeeally did want to learn how to cut the circles out.  Oh Well , he said he cut them all out in to ten squares with a saber saw and then cut the circles out with the saber saw as well because you have to spin the would to get the circle and you cant spin a huge piece of wood so that is why he cut them to small squares.

I then drilled down each leg ( so It would not split the wood)  and then screwed them in.

Took a staple gun and stabled the felt top to the bottom side of he wood and left a small opening where I stuffed batting in. Then folded the opening over and stapled that shut.

To get the top of the toadstool. I used red felt and the same cake bottom that I traced the wood with. I traced the felt with it and then cut it two inches bigger then the circle, so It would give me room to fold it over. I cut white circles out and then top stitched them to the red felt, Oh and I painted the legs brown.

Here they are at the party!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fairy Party favors and activitys

These are the Party Favors and Activities we did.  For the Party Favors we got Pixie Sticks, Water Bottles with the kids name on them in vinyl from the cricut and Bubbles! Then the girls got to keep there Fairy Flower Halos and Wings that they wore at the party! Then during the party we painted Wooden "Fairy Houses" and Wooden "Fairies" that they took home also!

For a sec, ( Bare with me...)Jump back to this past Halloween I made a giant felt pumpkin countdown calender ( someday I will put that on here) and I put a piece of candy in a pocket for each day. But to buy the candies, I took Lilly to "Party City" and they have this huge section that is like 15 Candies for a dollar and you can use a mini shopping Basket so Lilly was really into it! So ever since then (of course its RIGHT next to Michael's, drat) she is always wanting to go into the "Candy Store"well so for her Birthday I told her we could go pick out some candies for her party! She lost it, she was so excited! We went into the "Candy Store" and she got her min shopping basket and just wandered and looked at all the candy adding to her basket as we went! Then she came across these and thought they were wonderful, so being the sweet mommy that I am I told her that if she wanted to she could pick one out for each of her friends and keep the candies in her basket for herself! That won me Mommy of the Year or at least 5min ;) It was fun and I know she had a blast!


I got these at Michael's for $1.00, bpa free! My mom printed them out using Vinyl from her cricut

These were the Fairy houses that I got for the kids to paint a $1.00 at Michaels or Joann's

I did these wooden Fairys for the kids to paint ! I bought the wooden ped dolls at Joanns for $1.29 for a two pack. The wings I bought at Michaels for next to nothing. Hot glued them together! Instent Fairy!

I had two boy fairies for the boys to paint and the rest girls! Boy on the left side, Girl on the right side!

I made these Flower Fairy Halo's for the girls to wear and take home. Since the girls were all different ages form 19 months to 12 years I made them so they were able to tie in the back. These were a pain to make because I thought that the wire would be best if it went THREW the flower steam part. After I made these I thought about it, I should have just bought Flower Garland and made the Halos with that!! It would have been so much easier!!

We took these to school. Because everything has to be prepackaged, I really wanted to bake cupcakes or cakepops something fun! But allergies. We tied bubble wands ( I got them at walmart I think they were 6 for a $1.00)  to them with a "Lillys 4!" scrapbook punchout. Lilly was super excited so thats all that matters! I came to class a couple mins early and snuck her out so she could put them in her classmates "mailbox" along with a picture that I had taken at the begging of class of the whole class together