Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flower Mobile

So I made this for Raley when we first moved back in with my Parents like a year ago. I saw one like it in Pottery Barn Kids and It was so pretty! But I never took and Pictures of me making it. Its not hard, at all. Just get ready to burn the tips of your fingers a lot!

What I did was buy the flowers at Michael's and popped them off the steam, then hot glued the flower on all  over! I used clear thread to hang the birds and attached the clear thread with a tiny nails, on in the wreath then one in the bird, and hot glue so it would not come out.

I am working on a post of my sisters green house that she is building from windows  its killer, she and her husband made it from Glass window they bought! Also I am making raised garden beds I have one done and the second almost done! Along with my trying new things idea I thought I would try skateboarding, yep. Give me something to do this summer while the Girls play in the driveway. But the skateboard is super ugly so I am going to jazz it up , it will be turquoise with doilies!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vinyl Cricket Fake Windows !!

The basement is the girls Playroom/our craft room for the most part. So recently I panted the walls white and that made it so much better but then we were left with HUGE REALLY WHITE walls. So my mom came up with this idea in there "house" area. They are above the kitchen and are windows looking out from inside there house! Its not done yet but almost and it turned out really cute!! Lilly loooooves it! My mom just used her cricket and vinyl ! It was a little tricky to get it all on straight but the more you get on the easier it is to move later, it makes it thicker and not as flimsy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Doll House Redo

I hope everyone has some fun things to do today!!
We got this doll house at US Toy I think its from "Ryan's Room". Side note on US TOY, if you have not been to that place its amazing!! Its a huge warehouse of school/homeschooling/Play things most of it cheap!!
So this house is cute in the original form of all natural but I really one of those cute "Le Von Toy" Doll houses
But they are too expensive :( Sigh.... I think I would want EVERYTHING from that site if I could afford it!
So I painted the smaller squares pink to kind of give make it a little more girly!! I cant decide if I should paint the inside wall divider or not.. I did not want it to be too overdone!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St.Patricks day coffee filters

This week me and Lilly are doing Rainbow themed activities!! So fun a great way to lead up to St.Patrick's day and include Noah's ark. Yesterday we did rainbow coffee filters!! It was super easy and Lilly had a blast!! I just took water in little bowls and used food dye. Lilly was able to add the drops of food die to the water and thought she was hot stuff doing that! I tried dipping the filters in the water annnnd they got soaked, so then I got paint brushes out and tried that way and it worked like a charm! I folded Lilly's in half and had her paint a rainbow and say the color out loud as she painted them! I would recommend using a lot of dye and not so much water because the colors are way cooler when they are brighter! I am going to make a garland out of these and hang them up!!

St.Patrick's Day Wreath

I have been wanting to make a cupcake wreath so bad but I did not buy enough cupcake liners and they only had one straw wreath so I came up with this!
I was being cheap when I made this so I just used what I had around the house. Used white leftover Christmas ribbon, then ran out of white so used green. Felt scraps to make the bunting ( I love buntings!) and used coffee filters to make the rainbow. For the coffee filters I used food die and dipped the coffee filters in the food die colored water then because I am impatient I put them in the microwave for 30 secs a pair ( I did two of each color) then folded in half and half again annnd then folded in half again !! I cut the bottom half of the filter off in a curve. I then opened the donut shaped coffee filter and cut one snip so it was one long piece and could wrap around the wreath. I used the bottom half of the filter that I cut off to make the little rainbow circles I just made them look scalloped and smaller then each other and hot glued the bunting to a pipe cleaner!! Tada!! The coffee filter/cupcake liner part is not so puffy and HUGE in person... I am not sure why it looks that way...they do say the camera adds 10lbs ;p

This is the tutorial on making a cupcake wreath!! While you are on Tatertots and Jello you really need to look around this is one amazing blog!!!

It has a cute behind too!! Not really, you can see where I ran out of ribbon !! But I figured if my description of how I cut the coffee filters was bad then this pic might help!! Oh and EVERYTHING was hot glue gunned on this sucker!!

St.Patrick's Day Garland's

Heeeeello!!! Real quick I wanted to show the St.Patrick's Day garland that I made and how the coffee
filters turned out! I made a rag garland using Green felt and shamrock fabric then I bought the sparkly shamrock garland at Joann's but added extra shamrocks to it ( they were the sticker shamrocks that you can get for a dollar at Joann's) then used the gold coins and drilled a hole in them and hung them on the rag garland! you can see the coffee filter garland thrown up there too! Yes its alot but Lilly likes it!Oh the reason for ONE gold coin is I thought it would be really cute to have gold coins hanging down. Buuuut Lilly about stroked when she saw what I did with her coin!! So I figured best not poke the bear if ya know what I mean ;)

Shhhh a Leprechaun came!!!

Ok, ok so I'm a big, huge fat lier... Do I feel bad? No not really! Why? Because Now Lilly eats all her green!! What the heck am I talking about? Well so I made Lilly a bagel with chive cream cheese and as soon as I pushed her plate to her she so nicely pushed it back and said "No Thank you, Me no like the green stuff".... well crap I thought. Sooo I told her "Sure you do!! Its shamrock!!","If you eat enough of it then MAYBE a leprechaun will come and .... "YESSSS??? will he bring me a present?!!  Lilly said". Let me say that My mother ALWAYS made any holiday amazing for me when I was younger and I remember it so fondly and want the same holiday fun for my daughters so pleeeease don't think poorly of me for lieing my booty off its all in good fun!!
Sheez, so I bought two packs of the plastic gold coins at Michaels and then scattered them in the front lawn! I wanted little black cauldrons but I couldn't find any so I used the princess buckets that I bought a long time ago for a buck a piece and stored away. Lucky for me she is still young enough that she doesn't realize that leprechauns do not carry around princess buckets, Umm or that they are not real!! Lil and Ray had a blast it was like hunting for Easter eggs but with gold coins!!! I told Lilly that before she goes to bed she has to stick her and Raleys buckets with gold coins inside back out on the front porch so the leprechaun can have his money back and if you eat enough shamrocks then he will hid them again ! I have done this a couple more times since and on St.Patrick's day I plan to use the gold covered chocolate ones and let them keep there buckets! I did not start off with the chocolate ones because I did not want it to be about the candy but the fun of find the coins! 

Monday, March 7, 2011





I made this dress up clothes holder for Lilly for Christmas! It was my first project that I made with wood and I think it turned out great!! I made a lip on top for storage, dresser knobs on one side to hang things, and a mirror on the opposite side!! Inside are shelves  to put baskets to store things! On one the side with the shelves you will see the pole goes all threw that, it so Betsy (Lilly's doll) can have her dress up clothes( I bought the pattern for making the Disney dresses for 18in doll)  in it too!! They have had a blast with it!! Oh yeah and its in the workshop in these pics so dont judge please!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sticker Board

I made these when Lilly was sick awhile ago to give her something to do besides watching movies. It was super easy I just riped up really stiff cardboard from shipping boxes to get a 5x11 piece of board then covered it in freezer paper wax side out. I used this teal duck tape to hold it all together! Duck tape was the only tape I could get to stick to the wax side of the paper. I had these huge sticker books from Mellisa and Doug that I got super cheap at a carters outlet!! Most of the sticker's were reusable unless she stuck the sticker to each other! They will be great in the Car, or make the boards smaller and use them at a restaurant!! I saw this post on this Blog that I lerk ;), I LOOOOVE this blog!! She is awesome, some of the things she says I feel so relived because I feel the EXCATE SAME WAY. You really get a feel for who she is threw her blog! Anyways back to the sticker board, She does a sticker book made with a old board book and had I not been super lazy at the moment I would have made one but a newish baby and a sick toddler takes its toll on you!