Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St.Patricks day coffee filters

This week me and Lilly are doing Rainbow themed activities!! So fun a great way to lead up to St.Patrick's day and include Noah's ark. Yesterday we did rainbow coffee filters!! It was super easy and Lilly had a blast!! I just took water in little bowls and used food dye. Lilly was able to add the drops of food die to the water and thought she was hot stuff doing that! I tried dipping the filters in the water annnnd they got soaked, so then I got paint brushes out and tried that way and it worked like a charm! I folded Lilly's in half and had her paint a rainbow and say the color out loud as she painted them! I would recommend using a lot of dye and not so much water because the colors are way cooler when they are brighter! I am going to make a garland out of these and hang them up!!

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