Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bits & Pieces

 Whoooa, I am really late on this but I have had a lot going on so.. forgive me. But this was some of our spring brake 2 weeks ago.
 Pictures 1-3: St.Patrick's Day. The Leprechaun left a treasure hunt! With a hat of Gold Chocolate coins at the end. 4leaf clover hand prints. We had a green lunch with green bread even!
Pictures 4 &6: I took Lilly to a Dino exhibit
Pictures 7: Me working on a quilt, I will have a post about that soon!!
Picture 8-12: A trip to the zoo
Picture 13: My sisters new In Ground trampoline! I have been trying to talk my mom in one for almost 2years!! Its was not back filled yet in this pic.

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