Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Activitys

Here is a few pics from some of the Easter fun we had!
Picture 1: Eggs I made for Lilly hunt with when she was a baby before she Easter egg hunt and my basket from when I was a little girl that is now Raleys's
Picture 2: The girls wore these Easter Bunny masks and played "Easter Bunny with the eggs in the pic above and had egg hunts all over the yard and in the house
Picture 3&4: Tea Cups made from plastic eggs (we have a tea party every Easter) and Cookies for a Easter Tea Party with friends
Picture 5&6: "Egging" our friends! Lilly always has a blast doing this and Raley really loved it this year! We leave a dozen eggs hidden in the yards with  a note saying "You have been Egged" and we hid and watch them run around a find them!
Picture 7: Peep Jewelry! I gave Lilly a giant embroidery needle and elastic and she threaded them together!
Picture 8: Puppets I made for a Easter Puppet show

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