Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Look what was in our wall...! Creepy? Nahh, it was over 30years old. It is a paper wasp hive. My parents my gutted the bathroom, they wanted to redo the bathroom and after they found out there were problems with the bathtub they had to tear the bathtub out to fix the floor under the bathtub... anyways this was in the wall behind the bathtub. When my parents bought the house 30years ago they said it was really over grown that ivy was covering the back and even climbing in the windows and they think it was from then. Makes sense this thing was so fragile it crumbled as I held it. But its still pretty rad I think! I called my sister and told her and she rushed over because she wanted to see it too! I think the pattern in the chewed up wood ( the top of the hive) is so neat!

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