Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gardening Planning

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Good news and Bad news... Good news, I found this great site to help planning my garden.. Bad news I got hit with this "Vertigo Virus" and am laying in bed. My mom was doing yoga at the gym last week and could not get up and had to go to the ER and they told her it was a Vertigo virus, the virus you get messes with your vertigo,anyways She got hit really bad from it and had to lay flat on her back for 5days.. now I have it but not as bad. Good news, this site even uses the company where I buy all my heirloom seeds so I can put the exact seed in the "garden" online.. Bad news I have 6 beds that are 6'x6' and one 6x3 ( Last year I only had 2, 6x6 beds) annnnd I am already out of room in my garden and I still have not put all my Plants in my "garden"!! Holy Sheet, what's a girl to dooo!?
Check it out if you need planning and you can start planing your fall garden too. I know that is crazy to think about a fall garden already but the early bird gets the worm.. or time is money.. or.. I think I need sleep..
Have fun Friends!

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