Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Decorations

Whoooa I was looking threw my post's and saw that I have not posted Easter!! Argh! Well here it is... in two short post's..

A few of the Easter Decorations we have! The egg tree we have decorated in the front yard since I was a little girl and I would decorate it with my mom! Before I moved back home I would decorate the bushes in front of our house. One year some boys keep stealing all my eggs of my bushes... Once they got chased down that was the end of that! Ha! Steal MY eggs... The glitter houses that I totally forgot I made! I also bought those little trees in the dollhouse section at hobby lobby and stuck them in straight bleach and then hot glued eggs that I glittered on them...Man, I was on a glitter house streak last year... Ohhh my little family of vintage rabbits are they not the cutest? Love them! I also found two more at a estate sale a while back that goes with them. I also have Easter baskets that we have acquired over the years full of playable Easter items. The little gingham ones my grandma made. A basket of bunny's, the Ribbon eggs in Raley's Easter basket, and other eggs that Lilly could not keep her hands off of. The miniature egg tree that sits on the kitchen table with wooden figures my mother and I have decorated together since I was a tiny girl also and it is so fun to decorate it with the girls!

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