Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cricut Cake with Cookie Dough

I used my Cricut Cake with cookie dough! It was not perfect... mostly I was just testing to see if I could use a regular cricut cartridge and if it would actually cut threw cookie dough. I read that most the people used store bought cookie dough, they said that worked the best... I dont think it did. It was really hard to roll out and the second it got a little warm it fell apart. Not like sugar cookie dough that I make, so I am going to try making some dough and see how that works out. What I read that you were supposed to do it roll it out on the sheet, freeze it, pull it out and cut it, freeze it, pull it out and take the cookies off. None of that worked, I think it was the dough. I guess we will find out when I try again!

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