Monday, March 26, 2012

Planting Seeds Part 1

We started our some of our seeds! By now most of them are started.. I still have some to start today and some I have to wait to start for a few more weeks like the "Watermelon Jubilee" and the "Banana American Melon" because they grow so large so fast and do not like cramped spaces! I seem to have a problem.. more of a sickness you could call if you will. I. Can't. Stop. Buying. Seeds. Today I bought a pack of seeds while at Whole Foods "Radish Easter Egg" seeds and a Sweet Potato to start. My sister has these same Radish seeds and already started hers but I think they will all get sold at the Farmers Market that we are doing this summer! So I got some to keep for my greedy little self! Yesterday I bought some more "Sweet Peas" and "Cypress Vine" seeds for the Trellis. The day before that... I told you, I need help..

Anyways in the pictures above, you can see how we are getting ready! I have been saving all sorts of planting containers from take out, Costco boxes, egg cartons, I still bought two garden starter kits with the tops because I was worried I would mess it up. So I started with the kits to keep my confidence up and put my more treasured seeds in those. Both the girls are really into gardening with me they filled the trays with dirt, put the seeds in and watered them. I also showed them the difference in the seeds. They loved that, being able to hold the seeds in there little hands and feeling them. Lilly especially loved the sunflower seeds because they all looked so different. The seeds above are pumpkin, broccoli, morning glory, and nasturtium. Some of the seeds require soaking a few needed to be soaked and filed down on the sides like the pumpkins. Then we covered them lightly if you do not have a dome then saran wrap will do but make sure it is not to tight. You want the humidity but you also want air circulation so loosely cover and make sure the seeds still can get air to breath. We also made our favorite snack, frozen bananas with a little bit of  peanut butter and a tiny bit of coco.

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  1. Crap. Penelope and I planted Morning Glories yesterday without soaking them. Glad I read this and then the packaging... now I won't be too disappointed when they don't grow. Yay for gardening!