Monday, March 5, 2012

Bits + Pieces

Picture 1: Cousin Time
Picture 2: Making Dog treats for our puppy
Picture 3: Trader Joe's Pancake balls and my paint by numbers
Picture 4-6: A pretty Birdie
Picture 7&8: Celebrating Dr. Seuss, played the games, read the books and watched the movies
Picture 9: Jumping in puddles and blowing bubbles 
Picture 10: My dog, he's the best!

I love paint by numbers. End of Story. I can not paint what so ever but I can paint the heck out of a paint by number! I collect them. I love everything about them, I have done them since I was a tiny girl and have a ton (all horses) from when I was little till now. Someday I will have them all framed in a room covering the walls. 

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