Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Felt Mail

I made these "Valentine Mail Bag's" while Lilly was at school the other day! They were really easy to make and the girls have had a blast playing with them! I made both bags with 3 pieces of felt. I showed above how I cut them and then how I pinned the bags together. Once the bag was sewn together I then flipped it inside out. When the bag was flipped out the correct way I pinned the flap on so the raw edges would be on the inside. ( Sorry for lack of pictures I was trying to hurry so I could suprise Lilly with it when I picked her up after school!)  The letters I cut out and pinned on the top flap and then sewed on with my sewing machine. I used scrap ribbon for the strap. The mail I cut 1 piece of felt in half and then cut the top to an angle for the flap that folds over. I then cut and pinned a little white piece for the stamp and sewed that on and then cut a little heart and sewed that on. Then I folded the the envelope in half (except the top flap of the envelop) and sewed up the sides. I wanted the flap to stick after they put there valentines in envelope so I cut a tiny peice of velcro and sewed it on. After the envelope is all sewn together I used embordery thread and stitched the black lines to look like writing! I cut out little hearts for the girls to put in their envelopes as valentines and I figured they would color pretend valentines and put them in there also! I had orginally cut out white felt to make little "letters" and was going to stitch "writing" on them like the front of the envlopes but in the end I called it good how it was and ditched that idea (too much work for something they could probabley care less about and lose anyways!). I could have put interface inside of the felt to make it stiffer but, that would have taken a lot longer and I just wanted to get it done so the girls could play with it BEFORE valentines 2012!   

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