Monday, February 27, 2012

Lilly Knitting

Lilly told me she wanted to knit so I thought, Great! We went to Michael's and bought her, her own knitting supplies! I got her circle looms, the set that I got has four different sizes. She picked out her yarn, and I saw the bag I wanted to keep for myself and knew she would love it to hold all her knitting supplies!! She has been doing great with it and its so cute to watch her quietly knitting away! I have even been showing her how to knit with needles which that level of hand motor control and is hard for her at her age but she still loves to try! The circle loom is great because she can do it by herself! She started off on the orange loom because she wanted to make a hat for me but it was taking forever to get one loop on so finally half way threw the day I was able to talk her into going down a size. 

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