Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Countdown Calender

I made this countdown calender last year for the girls, with scraps that I had around! Last year I used printables that I found around the web. But I made these cute Tags this year from a website that I LOVE!! It is  and she has some of the prettiest Free images you will ever find anywhere. Iam not kidding, anywhere! Not to mention she is one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure of "meeting"! Also she created my banner for my Blog and Etsy shop and much more for me!! Ok, ok moving on! So there two sets that I downloaded and used, one for the "I love you because" cards, and one for "Baking and Craft" cards. For the "I love you because" I used the little girl and horse . Two things to know about me I love horse's, I have riden since I was 5 in the hunter/ Jumper show ring so I have been riding for about 25years ( you have nooo idea how old that makes me feel..), and I love ANYTHING from the 50's. So I thought they were perfect!! For each day I have two of these cards, one for each girl and I write down a reason why I love them! Lilly is really into it and loves it, Raley is getting into it! My second set that I downloaded is for the "Bake and Craft" card . With these card you can print them blank or with the sweet Valentines writing on them, I chose the blank ones. After I printed the cards off (One per day) I then laminated them so I can use them next year! I did not laminate the "I love you because" cards because I am going to put them in their scrapbooks so I will just print off a new set next year of the exact same cards because I love them!! Below are the activity and crafts that we did and are doing! I did both kinds of cards last year and Lilly remembers them and was really excited to do it again this year!!

1. Valentines Gingerbread House
2. Sweetheart Cake Mix cookies
3. Heart shaped rice crispy treats
4. Peanut Butter cookies with chocolate Heart
5. Wafer's dipped in chocolate and sprinkles
6. Pretzels dipped in chocolate and sprinkles
7.Valentines Cupcakes
8. Homemade Pink Marshmallows
9. V-day Chex Mix
10. Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies
11. Sweetheart Smores
12. Sparkly Marshmallows
13. Red Velvet Whoopie Pies
14. Valentine Confetti

1. Marble Rolling in paint on dollies
2. Owl Mosaic
3. Paper Chain Heart Garland
4. Pipe cleaners with beads
5. Heart shaped crayons
6. Hand print Hearts Picture
7. Pink and Read Homemade Play-doh
8. Make Valentines
9. Decorate foam hearts
10. Tissue Paper stain Glass
11. Fuzzie's
12. Cupids Foam House from Michael's
13. Paint Cardboard cupcakes
14. Bean Bag Game

Things I have made:
Valentines Mail Bags for dramatic play
Felt cookie playing
Valentines Sensory Box
Valentines lights for Lilly's room
Heart Bean Bags
Valentines Play Doh

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  1. Oh My Gosh!!! How AWESOME and Incredibly ADORABLE Is this!!!! You are so creative my dear! :)
    THIS is a MUST do when my little one gets a little older!!! YAY!!!!!!!