Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Pictures 1-11: Just a few of our Countdown Activities! Peanut Butter Cookies with chocolate hearts, Dipped wafers, Cupcakes, Cupids House, Homemade Play-doh bake shop,
Picture 12: Lilly's Valentines Lights in her Room
Picture 13: Coloring
Picture 14: Lilly, Raley, and there cousin Ellie hanging out,
Picture 15 & 16: My heart! Lilly, Raley.. and Remy! I love my daughters but I love my dog too!
Picture 17: Lilly doing the freestyle stroke! I started Lilly in swimming lessons around two years ago and work with her a lot on her swimming a several times a week we go to the gym and swim. Raley is also in swimming lesson and I have had her in them since she was a was 10 weeks old, she is getting ready to go into the preschool swimming group because she is so good! When I was Lilly's age I was a fish in water but Chronic ear infections kept me out a lot, their father is also a wonderful swimmer

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