Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dinosaur unit

Picture 1: Frozen Dino's, I froze these Dinosaurs the night before and then Lilly and Raley had a blast trying to melt and crack them using different items and warm water.
Picture 2&3: Triops, These were sea shrimp that were alive when the dinosaurs were. We bought two sets of these. The first set did not work ( I think I was too inpatient, and after 3days gave up and washed it down the drain.) So we went and bought a second kit and we have had it up for a week and a half and at first the only thing we saw were these shrimp looking things not the Triops. I googled it and they were sea monkeys! What the.. that's not what I wanted! Finally as of yesterday we have two Triops. Lame. But Lilly still loves it. I think they are kind of creepy. But there are a ton of little things jumping around in the tank, so we will see what happens..
Picture 4: Dino workbooks and Dots, we had lots of workbooks, Panting books, sticker books, that we used. We also had a HUGE stack of Dinosaur books that we read every day and dinosaur flash cards.
Picture 5&6: Panting wood Dinosaur.
Picture 7-9: Cracking a Dinosaur egg.
Picture 10: Dinosaur sensory Box, I made each of the girls the exact same box. They love these and sit quietly for the longest time playing with these at least once a day.
Picture 11: Magic Mold and Dinosaur fossils, we had white magic mold and Lilly rolled balls and pressed the dinosaurs into them to see what there shape looked like and then would look them up in the book and read about them
Picture 12: Wood dinosaurs and Blocks. I love wood toys, the girls do have plastic toys but I try to not get them if I can help it. My mom also does not usually buy plastic toys. I have been trying to get rid of most of the plastic toys they have.. Anyways we built little towns for the dinosaurs with these blocks and I have huge wooden blocks (not pictured) that were my moms when she was little that we used.
Picture 13&14:  Volcano, We made a volcano and it had red glitter and red food dye in it! It would have been so cool, except for some reason the club soda and vinegar did not exploded.. Lilly still had a blast using the baster and playing with the red sparkly sodavinger..

We also had cards that I made for each of the more well know Dinosaurs and Lilly acted out how they walked ( two legs, four legs, fast or slow), What they ate ( meat, plants, or fish), and what made that dinosaur stand out ( Stegosaurus- spikes, Triceratops- 3 horns, T-Rex- Mean).  At lunch I would make the meals "Dinosaur like" (one thing I did was her sandwiches were cut into dinosaur shapes)
That was some of our Dinosaur week! We do a different unit/theme each week and I am going to start to post about them at the end of the week!

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