Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Very Exciting News!!

I have a "little" project that I have been working on! It is also one of the reasons while I have been so busy and have not had a lot of time to spend here. My two daughters and I are members of one of the largest Methodist Church's in our area. 20,000 large. Today I met with the facilities and Construction director at my church to talk about my "little" project.

I want to start a Congregational garden, where 100% of the produce grown will go to local food pantries to feed the homeless.  They asked me "how much land I would want?", I asked them "How much would you give me?" Right now we are talking about 2 acres! That's to start off with. That is one of the gardens that we talked about today. Another is a Children's garden and another garden to grow produce for the cafe inside the church. Iam going to list the rest because manly its late and I have been going since 7am and my brain is not working the best right now.. Some other ideas that I want to do are

* A Children's garden where we have "Farmers Markets" that the kids put on and sell their produce they grow and use the money to donate towards a Children's cause that is local so the kids understand where the money went.
*A pumpkin patch where we grow our own pumpkins and have a Fall festival where the families can go pumpkin picking, sip cider, roast smores, play in hay, face painting, crafts.. etc and again all the money will get donated or go towards a new wing of the church.
* Fruit trees, there is a grant that you -short version- have to donate the fruit to a pantry but they give you 25 fruit trees. So an orchard.
* Sweet potato project, where they give you the slips and they come dig them up all you have to do is supple the land.
* Potato seed project where they also give you the "seed" and you plant them you dig them up but the potatoes go to feed people in the Appalachian mountains.
* A Gleaning team. I am part of a local Gleaning team and I want to start one for our church. What Gleaners do is go to the farmers and pick produce that is left over or Seconds and then take it to the food pantry for those in need.
* During next summer I want to start classes on Canning , fruit leathers. People pay a small fee which is donated and they learn how to preserve and make the most of the fresh food.
There is more but for now that is all I can think of ... it is exciting and the feeling it gives me is Ah-mazing.. its like a boyfriend in a since.. It makes me excited and happy and I can not stop daydreaming about it..

Here is view on the life in the Appalachian Mountains


What a changed place this world could be if everyone used their strengths and gifts that God gave them to make it better. This is the beginning of my piece and what I want to show my daughters.

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