Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bits&Pieces Halloween

1/2 Max, Iam going to eat you up!
3 My rad pumpkin I picked on Lilly's school field trip
4 Fall/Halloween Color matching 
5 Halloween Gingerbread House 
6 A House full of decorations
7 Halloween Bunting and Houses I made of local "Haunted" Houses
8 Our Spider I Hide every day, the girls knew I hide and would love to look for it every day
9 My hooded cape for part of my Halloween costume. Lilly wanted me to go as Eleanor, Merida's mom.
10 Classic Halloween coloring book
11 "Booing" our neighbors and friends, we made these on the cricut   
12 Halloween water balls. The girls would pull out all the different hidden items and graph them 
12 Halloween popcorn for one of our "Family Friday Movie Nights"

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