Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Felt Christmas Tree

Last year I saw all over Pinterest this felt tree which is awesome! So this year wanted to make a felt Christmas tree for my daughters to play with but make it moveable and more for dramatic play. I love all things forest like so I wanted this tree to look kind of shaggy like it came from.. well the forest. My mom thinks it need feet and should star in a SiFy movie... hmmm.. full of jokes that one. I think its cute and the girls love it! I make some quick ornaments and got some sparkly red yarn from my stash I also threaded some sparkly pompoms to string around it but they are not pictured. The tree I made a cone with one layer of felt and stuffed it sewed it shut. For the leaves I cut long strips of jagged felt and hot glued it around until it was done! 

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