Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Around The Blog

The plan
1 Recipes
2 Sewing/Woodworking/Crafting
3 Antiquing/Thrifting
4 Random Goodness
5 Weekly Homeschooling unit
6 Pretty Pictures
7 Bits & Pieces

Details from above
1 We eat organic, pure, no GMO's. I also have picky eaters. So these will be recipes that my children eat. 
2- I will be showing projects I make. From crafts with my kids to building with wood.
3- I go Antiquing several times a week and will show what I get. Also I will start to show my collections and family herlioms
4- Life
5 We do a different unit each week, and I have been horrible about posting these. I never remember to take pictures and when I do its never enough to do a "Unit" post. Also I will show how we practice speech.
6 Inspiration
7 Our Week

This is my plan. Buuut plans can always get thrown. Mostly this is to hold my self accountable. I have also decided to open up more about my personal life.  Get more detailed about who I am, my thoughts, my feelings, my past, my present. A random blog post every now and then is fine and dandy but I want this blog to be a blog where friends are made and meet. Where you go to see what a friend has been doing that day and feel like you know my family.

Also with the Holidays coming up, I will start a series of post on toys/crafts/books that we have and love and some that are on our wishlist. I will always say if a post is sponsored. But mostly it is going to be my personal opinion on what we love.  

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