Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Took Hamilton to the Apple Orchard to see if he would like it there. It went down hill the second he saw all of the other ducks... He ran away scared from them and hide behind the kids. He would not get in the pond. Decided to take himself on a tour threw the event barn and walk around with the groom whose wedding was going on. Tried preening on the large dogs who did not appreciate it. Thought he would go shopping in their cider store. At one point I looked over and a group of women were standing in a circle talking... and so was Hamilton like he was one of them.... He thoroughly enjoyed his day, I think his highlight was riding shotgun and watching the birds out the sunroof... I think I have given him a complex..

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  1. Oh my that is so cool. Hamilton doesn't realize he's a duck instead of a dog.