Thursday, November 3, 2011

Treasure Hunting

This is my 1950's Royal Typewriter that I bought the last week at an antique shop ! Shes a real Betty!! The story with this typewriter is... I will worn you it is a sad story. I saw it at a antique shop that I frequent and my heart skipped a beat! But the price tag was $35 and while it was love at first sight I really didn't need it! So I went home and googled it trying to convince myself that I needed to race back and snatch her up! When I looked her up, I could not find it for less then $300 and some up to $600 in prim condition with manual and case ( which condition was great but I did not have the manual or case)!! But it was still! When I went back to get her, they had dropped the price to $19.00!! I bought her and took her to her new home, Lilly was super excited because she really wanted to play with it, and she did. The next day we went outside to take pictures of it and after I was done, Lilly snuck up and took it and tried to creep away with it but I caught her and said "Freeze, give that back" ( I had a bad feeling as soon as I said it) well, she got mad because she thought I was taking pictures of it to sell Maybe I was and chucked it annnnd cracked it right under the space bar. Ohhh Lilly, I think four is an passionate exhausting age. So now the typewriter lives in my room. I think I will type Thank you notes for my Etsy shop on her!


  1. Oh My.. What a catch...I would of certainly thought the price tag was lying... : ) I own a Vintage Royal Typewriter a PINK one...Yes they do carry a hefty price tag... I think I need to go shopping where you do.. : ) the prices seem AMAZING!!!

  2. It's a beauty, for sure! So sad that she got cracked, but it's still fun to have her sitting in your room. Thanks for sharing her!! I'd love to find some original colored typewriters....maybe someday!