Saturday, November 5, 2011

Compost Bin DIY

The first picture is of the compost bin the first try, it would have worked fine but I got feed up with it! It was taking to long to find the time to cut the wood because I cant have the kids around me while doing it and I was really just wanting to get it done. So I unscrewed it all and made just a frame with an open front. Then I used this thick mesh that my mother got at habitat for humanity on the inside and for the door flap on the front. I used a staple gun to hold the mesh on the inside. Then stapled down one side of the flap on the front. The other side of the front flap is looped around a couple nails to hold it up. That way I can easily open the flap to be able to turn the compost pile and then hang the flap back up when I am done! I made it all with scrap wood I had in the workshop, so it is not the prettiest thing but I figured next summer I will know more about composting and can make a better system.

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