Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Halloween and Pumpkins and my Pumpkins!

Pictures 1-2: Some of our pumpkins and squash, we used a magnifying glass and I wrote down our findings and discoveries of we found exploring them! That pumpkin on the far right is called a "Cinderella" pumpkin, is it not awesome?!

Picture 3: Lilly had to bring something Orange to her class for Halloween, I made the oranges Jack-O-Lanterns with some vinyl!

Picture 4: I made this for Lilly's class as a Halloween Sensory box for their Halloween party! These are water balls that I bought in the floral section at Joann's. I bought them dry and Lilly had a blast watching them grow over the next couple hours! We did a batch for ourselves and put spooky items in it to play with at home! Later we put them in the bathtub and the girls took a bath with them!! BIG HIT!!

Pictures 5-6: Raley and Lilly painted some pumpkins with texture brushes, dot paint and regular paint and I carved a few!

Pictures 7-8: Trunk or Treat at my niece and nephews school, Lilly was a cowgirl!

Pictures 9-12: Painting with Halloween colors, Trying to steal Ray's sucker, Hanging with her BFFs

Picture 13: Halloween! This was Lilly original costume, then my sister showed her the cowgirl and she changed her mind, then come Oct.31 she changed her mind again! Geez! This is them right after we got back from Trick or Treating and she was so excited about her candy! 

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