Friday, November 11, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I bought this for $4.00 at one of my favorite antique stores! It's about 10 inches across. My plan is to frame it in a glass front and back frame and hang it in my room. I am going to paint the walls in my bedroom a warm grey so I think this will pop nicely! Since my daughters and I live with my parents it is really the only room I have to keep all the things I love! A long time ago I had a handful of old doily's that were made by my daughters grandmother on their father's side. That I was going to frame and hang but those are now in my storage where they will stay. One day when my daughters are grown they can have them. So I have been looking for new ones that I love to hang!  This is a perfect addition to my doily collection!


  1. What a Beautiful piece you found.... I REALLY need to go to your Antique store... : ) Have a Blessed Weekend!!!

  2. Thank you I love it! I bought one that is hot pink!