Saturday, July 23, 2011

Treasure Hunting

I have a confession to make all day today I thought it was Thursday.. So I was pumped to do my first "Thrifty Thursday" post, until I realized it was Friday. I was bummed. I am a big list maker, in fact I have a separate clipboard for everyday of the week. I love list's, they make me feel a little less busy in my head! If your this way then you can imagine.. I just thought about doing this on Wednesday (It was really Thursday- I know its not a original idea, most of the blogs I love do Thrifty post! That's one thing I love about them!) and I was super excited, fist pumping kind of excited..Really I guess I could have done "Thrifty Tuesday's" but the whole Thr and Thur sounds better...right?! So I was really excited about doing my post for the day until I then realized what day it was..Sheez, summer. I was bummed... about as bummed as I was after I spent and F.o.r.e.v.e.r cleaning my daughters pool and patching all the hole with gorilla tape. Because duck tape just doesn't cut it sometimes especially if your daughter wont stop biting holes in the pool and your lab poked a million teeny tiny hole in it when he snuck in it as soon as you turn your back.. Sneaky Sneaky. I was feeling pretty confident about my patch work as the pool was refilling, until my mother strolled threw the kitchen (didn't even brake stride) and said "I think you have another leak." Whaaaat?!! Sure enough there was TWO more, I was trying to fix them until Raley came out and wanted in the pool and Grace came over, then Lilly came out and all three got in the pool and thought Water Aerobics sounded like a great idea.. and soaked me because I was still sitting on the ground gorilla tape in mouth battling my tiny hole. Sigh. I think the pool is going to retire to the.. where do you even take pools to recycle them?

 So humor me and pretend its Thursday still.

At least for 5 min!

My mother and I went to this Estates Sale that was really...filled? Stuffed? I don't even know what to call it.. I have never seen so much stuff in my entire life! It was one of those houses that you might see on Hoarders on T.L.C, it was bad. The sad thing was most of it was really really cool stuff but I would need a  Hazmat suit to really get in and look around- Iam not kidding. Some of the books that I got ( they are not pictured below) I pulled the covers off and trashed them because they had black mold all in them but the pictures were still good. The lady who lived there my mom said ran a theater company so she had tons of really cool dress up outfits.. but I was scared to touch them so I passed.

One of the things I collect is Vintage Children's books! I love everything about them! My favorite era is 40's and 50's but anything before that I love! We got these books and Lilly picked out some cute clip on earrings!! She loves to go to Estate sales and look at all the things!! She helped me pick out the books, she really wanted the Prehistoric Animals!

Then my mom ( she is one of a kind, and the best kind) saw this trash bag and opened it and grabbed that blue bowl for my sister! When we went to pay my mom handed them the bowl and said she found it in the trash, they told her they threw it out (?!) because the top was broken but if she wanted it, it was $2.00. I was still a good deal but still they were going to threw it away!! Some dress up necklaces. I have a whole collection of these bunnies that my mom got for me at some other Estate sale so they had to come home with me!! The book is really cute, its hard maybe chipboard? So they would be fun to cut out and do something with!
For all of it $7.50 and the clip on's were free along with some little statue of a farmer or something I couldn't tell manly because he was missing his head but Lilly loved him and had to have it. Kind of weird but whatever!

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