Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bits & Pieces

This week we had a blast!! We went swimming, feed the ducks, went blueberry picking, finished are books from the library and got our first two free book and got a new set for the new two free books, I went to a popcorn ceiling removal class, Lilly had her gardening glass where the did a farm theme, Another class at Park Place on making a puppet, Park Place family night its where all the shops bring samples out and fun kids activities ( face painting), A cement staining class to stain the back patio, Lots of red tomatoes,  Kids carnival, Farmers Market,

When I was little my Grandmother took me here to feed the ducks all the time and I brings back such wonderful memories of her.
Ohhhhh Raley and these poor chickens...all they wanted was the bread, all she wanted was to squeeze them.
 Coolest swing Ever.
 At the Park Place class, with making a puppet farm friend! Lilly chose a butterfly!
Lilly at her Gardening class!
Gardening class it was on Farms this time, see the little horse and buffalo, and fences with toothpicks, rocks she picked out!
With our new stack of books!
Our new set of books! For our next two free books!
There two free books they earned !!
At the K2workshop class! The lady who runs it is awesome and so knowledgeable!!! I had such a great time!!
The inside of K2 where she teaches the classes! She said she would come to my house and teach me how to build custom roll-outs for the kitchen !
I took a class at "Re-Use Concrete Sealing" to learn how to stain patios/basements/garages! All the products they use are Eco-friendly products made with soy beans!
At "Re-use Concrete Sealing" they offer a free class on leaf castings in the fall! I want to make some and use them as stepping stones!
Kids Carnival
Berry Picking
Farmers Market
Best Buffalo Meat!! KC Buffalo.

Hope you had as great of a week as we did!!!

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