Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flash Cards

I started getting these flash cards for Lilly when she was a baby, but as she got older they always ended up all over the place and they started getting crumpled!! So I bought the snap rings and used a single hole puncher and punched the holes in the top left corner! These are just a few of our flash card sets we have, now as soon as we get a new set I add the snap ring!

 Here's a close up of the snap ring

 This set of flash cards are all "Same and Different" so I thought it would be fun if I laminated them so Lilly can use a dry erase marker on them!! We have a laminating machine so I used the sheets you can buy at Target or Walmart, the kind you put threw the heat machine ( I think they are so much stronger then the sticky laminating sheets)

The "Same and Different" set I bought at Target in the Dollar section at the begging of the school year last year so I bet they will have something like this year again soon!

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