Friday, July 15, 2011

Our Past Week!

You know that moment when your baby dose not look like.. a baby anymore. This picture was it for me. She was enjoying the sun on a perfect summer afternoon.. She always tells me that "Were Outside Girls" because were always outside doing something. I love how much she enjoys nature and just being outside! It has been so HOT here!!

Watching a movie!


                             This was my zucchini at the beginning of the week.. Its about to get sad..

My Zucchini... the next day after I found out what Squash Vine Borers were . It was so sad.. There were pieces of Zucchini all over the place because I had to cut out every worm and this is what was left. Thankful these guys had little nubs of roots starting to grow so I replanted them.. we see what happens!

Our Libray does for every 24 books you read to your child they earn a free book! These were the ones Lilly picked out to earn our first two free books, even Raley gets a book!!

Water Balloon fight with neighborhood kids

                                                                    Farmers Market

Best Pasta EVER!!

Lilly at her Gardening class! Its pretty neat! They learn a lot, Lilly picked this flower out ( They had choices between Red, White, and Blue flowers) and then they fill the pot with dirt replant the plant into a bigger pot and decorate it for the 4th!

July 4th! The Girls and there Papa!

Seeing Real fireworks for the first time (Last year they were rained out)

The Petting Zoo!

Feeding the goats there bottle.

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