Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our Past Week!

Every Sunday I am going to do a post of pictures of our week! Mostly because it is nice to reflect about the week that has pasted and for family to see that live out of town.. This one is a Little late but it was a great week!! The girls and I had a blast!! We had Gardening classes, Picked blueberry's, went to the buffalo farm and bought some meat, played with horses, went swimming, went to my sisters greenhouse/bee's/new puppy party, played with "J and A's" new puppy, played lots of games and did lots of art projects and played ALOT with friends! Here are some of the pictures!

 Lilly at her Gardening class

New Puppy

Picking Blueberrys

We arrived at the Berry Patch to late in the day most of the good berrys were gone.  Next week!

Bufflo Farm

Me and Ray. Lilly was running threw the sprinkler and Raley got scared and ran to sit in my lap and watch. She would not take her eyes off of those sprinklers it was so cute!!

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