Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lillys 4th Birthday Party !!

This is the table where the kids painted the "Fairy Houses". I flipped two flower pots upside down and used wood from the workshop for the top. I have all the "Fairy Houses" set out for when the kids arrived! I was wanting to use big tree stumps the size of the pots in the pic but I could not find ANY at all. All the stumps on craigslist were rotten or you needed a chainsaw to cut them apart, and I have not learned how to use a chainsaw yet...

These are the Fairy Houses the Lilly and I painted! I put them in the middle of the table for inspiration for the girls to get started!

Concentrating on Painting her Fairy House

 Ray Painting her fairy house

They had a great time!

This was my FIRST cake that I have made from scratch! I was excited with how it turned out! I made all the flowers with gum paste! I had a fairy standing out of the middle of the cake ( it was removed in this pic) and I wanted the flowers to look like they were falling down the side of the cake and sparkler candles!!! The inside of the cake I made in layers of pink, It would have had another layer of pink but it stuck to the pan. Bummer. Lilly was really excited when she finally saw her cake because she had not seen it before I brought it out! I made it in secret! She especially loved the inside!! I also made the icing from scratch! It was so good!! The layers of cake are not the same size I just eyeballed it and tried to hurry I had limited time without Lilly seeing it.

We had pink lemonade to drink! For snacks we had Cupcake Kabbobs ( Cupcakes with icing, Marshmellows, Waffle cookies ) All kinds of yummy cookie!

Our Super Slip in Slide with my Brother in law Jason!

Lilly and Mason (my newphew) playing in the sprinklers 

Lilly loved her Birthday ! She is STILL telling me she is the Birthday girl and its halfway threw june. All the kids had a Blast, the party was supposed be from 1:00-3:00pm but did not end untill 6:pm!!


  1. you did a gorgeous Job my Dear!! :)
    Next you have to make a mermaid party ;)

  2. Oh Very Cute cake indeed~

  3. Wow! What a lovely Fairy Party! I love those toadstool stools. Who wouldn't want to come to a party like that?