Monday, June 6, 2011

Toadstools !!

So for the Toadstools I used the left over particle board from making the bottom to  Lilly's and Raley's Playhouse. Then I went to Lowe's were they had these table legs on clearance for .30 cents!! Yeah!! I then took a cake pan that was the size that I wanted for the seats and traced around it to make 10 seats bottoms. Then my dad came home and things got crazy. I need his help cutting the wood because I had no idea how I was going to. But I knew it could be done since the man owns like 5 of every of saw... So I showed him how I drew the circle out of the wood so nicely and he mumbled something about it "taking up the WHOLE garage and my mom couldn't park her car"..yada yada yada and I jumped in my car yelled "Wait for me before you cut ANYTHING dad" he purred "Ohhh sure" and off to Starbucks I went. Probably all of 13 mins later I was back..and  could not find him. So down to the shop I go, and threw open the door and I found him. Sanding the last of my nicely cut circles. He smiled and said "It's all done so since I did that you can take out the trash over there. Whelp. Normally I would have looooved him doing this for me BUT I reeeeally did want to learn how to cut the circles out.  Oh Well , he said he cut them all out in to ten squares with a saber saw and then cut the circles out with the saber saw as well because you have to spin the would to get the circle and you cant spin a huge piece of wood so that is why he cut them to small squares.

I then drilled down each leg ( so It would not split the wood)  and then screwed them in.

Took a staple gun and stabled the felt top to the bottom side of he wood and left a small opening where I stuffed batting in. Then folded the opening over and stapled that shut.

To get the top of the toadstool. I used red felt and the same cake bottom that I traced the wood with. I traced the felt with it and then cut it two inches bigger then the circle, so It would give me room to fold it over. I cut white circles out and then top stitched them to the red felt, Oh and I painted the legs brown.

Here they are at the party!

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  1. Oh MY - those are soooo cute Annie!!! Adorable - you are soo creative... I so wish we lived closer!!!