Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Jar!

I made one of these last summer for Lilly but I did not have a lot of ideas for it or least it felt that way halfway threw the summer! When she wakes up each day she picks one out, then Iam going to keep the card she picked out for a week or two so we don't have repeats to close together!

World’s Best Bubbles
Lava Lamp
Go Fishing
Worm Hunt
Make or Find a Snow Cone
Make Popsicles
Make Play doe
Make Goop
Make Slim
Make Bath Paints
Make Bath Crayons
Make sponge Balls and get out pool
Make Sidewalk Paint
Make Colored Ice cubes for a Bath or Pool
Ice cube slide race
Go on a Flower Hunt
Bubble Snakes
Go on a Hike
Have a Picnic
Feed the Ducks
Catch Firefly’s
Bike Wash
Make Puffy Paint
Miniature Golfing
Tie Dyeing
Water Balloon Fight
Treasure hunt in Creek

Make G.A.K

I linked how to get the instructions for everything that I could.

World’s Best Bubbles:


Slim and GAK:

Spong Balls:


Puffy Paint:

Bath Paints: Two kinds one liquid and one with shaving cream. 1:

I printed out the Activities and then backed them to card stock! For the Bucket I bought it at Joann's for $1.99 and used vinyl and the cricut! Side note see that Jar with rocks in it to the right? Those rocks Lilly picked up on the preschool playground everyday and would bring them to me when I picked her up. She was always so excited to show me her rocks that she collected for me, so I put them in that Large Jar to keep!! She so cute!! We have had a blast doing these so far!! I hope it gives you good some good ideas!!

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