Monday, April 25, 2011

Skateboard Redo

Ok so call it what you want, mid life crises? But I have taken up skateboarding. Nothing big. I just figured this summer the girls are going to want to play in the drive way alot and It would give me something to do! I really want a pair of old school roller skates too!!! So I bought this skateboard at walmart for $9.00 but it had ugly skulls or something all over it, I couldnt even tell what it was. So I sanded it down then used warm water and a rag to clean the dust off . I then took plastic grocery sacks and cover the wheels and spray painted the back side of the skateboard turquoise!! It took two coats. When it was dry I brought it in and placed my doilies how I wanted them and modge podge under them, let it dry before you do the top of the doilies! I painted the sides of the skateboard a coral color. Then I modge podge all over the entire painted/doily area including sides. I did two good coats of modge podge with drying time in between. After it was all dry I went back and dabbed modge podge on the areas where I felt the doilies need it. When the modge podge was all dry I took a weather proof sealer and spray painted the bottom. If I were to do again I would buy the skateboard at target they have one for the same price but the top is clear and natural looking as mine is the black top and the bottom is unfinished so you would not have to sand it!!


  1. This is awesome!
    I think it's about time skateboards got a bit girly

  2. Where were these ideas 45 yrs. ago when I would have done ANYTHING to get rid of the ugly green shark on mine???!!!

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