Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter !! Here comes Peter CottenTail...

Anyone else have that blasted song stuck in there head?? Every time Lilly See's a rabbit she has me sing that song, She thinks its luring the Easter bunny over! Funny kid!! I am making a countdown calendar today.. that starts today! Yep I am late. I have pulled the muscles in my neck holding both kids so much. So its been killing me all week and I have been able to do Aaaanything,or at least it feels that way. I cant turn my head unless I turn my whole body so I look like a dog chasing its tail. I look Reeeeeally cool.
So here are my Glitter houses that I made and Lilly loves!!

The little trees I bought at Hobby Lobby in the Dollhouse section for I think $1.99 and then just stuck them upside down so the wood stand was sticking out in a cup of straight bleach for maybe 10 mins and then rinsed with water. When they were dry I hot glued the eggs into the trees. To make everything sugared looking I just used Modge Podge and Glitter!

For our Countdown Calender one of our activities was to "Egg" our friends houses!! So while all the girls (Grace, Variety-sisters, Jillian, Addison-sisters) were in school we snuck into there yards and hid a dozen eggs filled with candies !! Lilly had a blast filling the eggs and sneaking around hiding all of them in the backyards(so we could watch them find them from our kitchen!!) I was thinking about it after we did it and really when do the kids get to fill the eggs, never because the Easter bunny does it!! So it really is a fun activity to do and would definitely recommend it!! This is a pic watching the girls finding there eggs as Lilly watches!!

Last night I got the Plastic eggs all filled and Raley helped me! Tonight my niece and nephew are coming over to dye Eggs so that will be fun!!  But today Lilly and I are going to make "Earth" cupcakes for earth day and we were going to go on a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash but its raining cats and dogs here today :( But the Easter activity that she picked out was to make "Peeps" anything involving marshmallows and sprinkles is right up Lillys ally!!

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