Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Remy Pictures.

I might just be partial, But hes the coolest of the cool. Remington Blue that's who!! Hes my dog and probably the smartest most wonderful dog I will ever own. Its true. Hes a snuggle bunny, kid lover, over protective lab and I love him!! See that play set to the left of him, he will race kids to it and then shove them out of the way because he wants to be up first.!!The more kids the better to him! If you have a pile of leaves look out because he will destroy it it! He hogs the bean bag. Lets Lilly dress him up and put makeup on him! He eats snowballs when you throw them at him, and bubbles when you blow them. He barks when I ask him "Do you think I am pretty?!" (yes I am that vain) and recently I taught him to poop in a corner!! Ha! sure beats stepping poo when your running around the yard. Oh and hes got a sweet tooth for "Puppy whip" when we go threw Starbucks. Hes a looker too and I tell him how pretty he is every day! Yeah, you cant beat him even if you tried.

 He is really eyeing that popcorn, but he sure loves his girls! We love him!!

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