Monday, April 18, 2011

Greenhouse Update!

My sister has been working on her Greenhouse! Her latest addition to the house is
this cool doorknob! Doesn't remind you of the doorknob from "Alice and Wonderland"!!!

She painted the inside of it light Turquoise!! I think its looking really cool!!! She also has 3 bee hives next to her greenhouse, pretty cool!! 

She has also made these cool flower hanging colander holders! Is that even what you would call it?IDK, but they are cool!!

I went over to my sisters today to help her move some patio furniture from our parents house and the greenhouse is amazing!!  She bought these vintage glass cubes to stack in the windows next to the door, you can see the skinny long rectangle next to the door on the right side. But until she gets the glass cubes in her pup Mac is using it as his door! When I was over at Malia's house (that's my sister) we walked over to see her bee's and they are neat buuuuut I do not think I will be getting any, any time soon. I think I will just visit them.... from across the yard! Ha! They still give me the hebegebes!!

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