Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Earth Day:
Lilly made earth cupcakes all by herself with a little help from me (oven)! Don't forget the sour cream it always makes them better!! We were going to go for a walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash buuut it was poring down rain :(
But luck has it we did get these guys in the mail!! Yeah!!!

Bummed She cant get them out to play with

She loves them again, I reminded her they were going to turn into Butterflies!!

But I will tell you I am a little ticked. I bought these for $19.95 +$5 for 5 caterpillars. Or I could have bought these for $19.95 and got 10 caterpillars and stickers and charts had I bought them on TV. So by them on TV if your going to do to them !!! I always want a better deal.

We did these to kick off our "Garden" theme this week Yesterday!!

They were only a buck a piece at walmart for the mini green houses and the egg she got in her Easter basket !! The mini green houses are tomato and eggplant and she did them all by herself!! The egg is impatiens and she got a liiiiittle carried away and cracked her egg in half , see the tape (Your supposed to crack it and then pull the to off)!! We are going to plant our veggies this week in the raised garden beds and make our compost bins and do tons of other garden crafts and fun things ending the week painting a garden pot and then eating "Dirt" out of it ( ores, gummy worms, and ice cream)!!

Eggs were hunted

Stories were read

Tea Parties were had, cupcakes were eaten and bonnets were worn.

                        All in all, a couple of very blessed days!! I love my babies!!

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