Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Earth Day

For our Earth Day we do a few things that are a tradition for us, we do a pick up trash walk  and make "Earth cupcakes". This year we also planted our sunflowers that we have been growing and painted reusable bags. We colored some Earth day coloring pages, played Earth day bingo, and wrote what we are going to do to take care of the earth and what we are going to stop doing that is hurting the earth, and read Earth day book.
A few of our favorites that we have are:
*"I can save the Earth" "The adventures of a plastic bottle: A story about Recycling both by alison inches
*Where Does the Garbage go?" By Paul Showers
* "Its Earth day!" by Mercer  Mayer 
* " Everyday is Earth day, Fancy Nancy" by Jane O' Conner

 Funny story, we were picking up trash at the top of our street ( because some ahole let a bunch of packing popcorn lose and it covered our street...) and Raley saw their friend mitch out and starting running towards him and Lilly took off with Bag for trash in her hand winging it around in the air yelling " GET BACK HERE, ITS EARTH DAY!!!!" over and over till they both got to to mitch! Kids are so funny It was a great day!

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