Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chalk Board Wall

We made a Chalk Board wall!! I bought a sheet of plywood. It was 4X8, then I used my circular saw and cut it to 3x7. Then I put two coats of "Bulls Eye 123 Primer" on front and back and the four sides. I was hoping it would help keep the water out. I Bought Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint in grey *It is not so "grey", but it matched the fence* I put two coats of the chalkboard paint on pretty thick, It used about a bottle in a half by the time I was done. My plan was to hang it over the two horizontal post across the back of the fence but when I got it up there it was so heavy I was worried about support so I sat it on the bottom horizontal bar to help hold it up. Then I drilled two holes on each side so they were above and below the horizontal bar on the backside and looped the rope threw two times and I was done! Lilly helped me with it all except the cutting with circular saw... For obvious reasons I hope... This board has been threw several big rain storms and held up great!! So I am pleased! We did this during our Garden unit week. It sits right behind the girls swing set and they have had the best time with all there friends playing school. Last week we were doing Fairy week and all the girls played "Fairy School" and made wands and got the fairy wings out, their was 8 or "Fairies" in my backyard! Cute!

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