Friday, May 11, 2012

Lilly's Lalaloopsy Birthday!

Lillys 5th Birthday is coming up very soon and she could not be more excited!! She decided she wanted a Lalaloopsy Party! We were talking about what to do and she decided to a Activity for each doll... Sort of. Her four favorite are Blossom Flower Pot, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Corral Sea Shells, Prairie Dusty Trails. So for Crumbs Sugar Cookie we hare having a Tea Party, For Blossom Flower Pot we are painting flower pots and Lilly picked out the seeds she wanted and planted them a grew them herself! She picked Morning Glory's. For Prairie Dusty Trails we are doing a pin the tail on Prairie and Coarl Sea Shells we will have the big pool set up in the backyard, I may get talked into pulling out the huge tarp and running the hose down the swing set slide (We did it last year a lot).. Its a crowd pleaser buuut it kills the grass.. Anyways Lilly has invited the kids from her class at school and all her neighborhood friends, She is so excited!! She even has the dress Sugar crumbs is wearing to wear for her party! I found a lady on Etsy that made the inventions and Table Cards and they turned out amazing! So amazing that when we went to pick up the inventions at Costco when I pulled them out and showed them to Lilly she screamed!! This is just the first of a ton of Lalaloopsy Birthday post. I just made a table cloth that matches Sugar Crumbs dress and all Lilly could do was hug it!

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