Thursday, October 11, 2012

DIY Brave Costume Post 1

Here is a sneak peek at Lilly's Brave Costume I made for this year! I have it all done but I just need to take some better pictures then the ones on my cell phone to show it! The above picture is what almost did me in... If you have ever sewn with stretchy fabric and satin you know its not most peoples idea of a fun time. If you have not tried that combo yet, let me give you a piece of advice.. Pin, Pin, Pin. Pin ever 1/4 of an inch. The more you pin the better because then your fabric can not move. This rule goes with any kind of fabric that has stretch in it. I tried to skip this and pined maybe every foot... I knew better but was trying to hurry. Baaaad idea. Also sew on your largest stitch, that way it does not pull the fabric with every stitch. I will hopeful take the pictures tomorrow! Raley is going to be Max, from "Where The Wild Things Are" one of my all time Favorite books! I kind of talked her into it and she has been super pumped about it! I know its more of a boy costume but it fits her personality :) I have hers done too and just need to do pictures      

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